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  • Happy Weekend!
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  • [Primary Listing] BitMart Will List GURU Token (GURU)
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  • [Primary Listing] BitMart Will List NIGELLA COIN (NIGELLA)
  • BitMart Will List Hedgehog in the fog (HIF)
  • BitMart Will List GEGE (GEGE)
  • [Primary Listing] BitMart Will List Billy (BILLY)
  • New Futures Listing
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BitMart provides you with the most convenient, fast and professional crypto trading services.


BitMart provide best-in-class crypto derivatives trading services.

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BitMart provides you with the most convenient, fast and professional crypto spot & margin trading services. Massive high-quality currencies and trading pairs available.


Trade crypto derivatives with up to 100x leverage. Access over 100+ crypto pairs on our lightning fast trading engines with minimal trading fees.


Secure and convenient way to make your crypto assets to earn. Wide range of products, Savings, Staking and Dual Investment to meet your different financial needs.


Discover, buy, and trade worldwide premium NFT collections easily, and participate in BitMart NFT campaigns.


High-speed and low-latency API endpoints with Websocket subscriptions. Detailed API documentation.


Professional services including Sub-Account, Credit Line, Competitive Fees & Rebate.

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