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Earn up to 60%trading fee commission

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If you have resources in the community, social media, etc., you can apply now! Once being approved, you can be the BitMart partner!
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You can earn commissions from the users who registered and traded futures via your referral link

BitMart Partner Benefits

BitMart is looking for KOLs and content creators who align with our mission and values to promote our trading platform.

Up to 60% of futures trading fees rebate, daily distributed, and long-lasting referral relationships
Multi-dimensional report with detailed information on transaction data and commission details
Support up to three levels of sub-partners

You'll earn

Easily earn daily passive income for every trader you refer to BitMart

Transaction fee of the trade from your direct affiliates

Become a BitMart Partner

We are excited to partner with like-minded and creative individuals to spread the word about trustworthy, safe, and reliable trading.