BitMart Labs

BitMart Labs is an international blockchain incubation platform launched by the premier global digital asset trading platform - BitMart. BitMart cooperates with world's top funds in providing a variety of powerful services, including technical and marketing solutions for high-quality projects, so as to help the development and incubation of potential projects. BitMart Labs is dedicated to selecting quality projects with the strictest standards and elevating them to the next level.

What Project Do We Want


Quality projects that address real-world problems and have potential for long-term development


Innovative projects with a solid technical foundation


Revolutionary projects that provide subversive solutions to society’s pain points

What We Do

  • Funding & Investing

    BitMart Labs collaborates with top global token funds and VCs in providing substantial venture capital for selected quality projects.

  • Technical Review

    With BitMart's strong technical strength, BitMart Labs offers extensive technical support and guidance to help selected projects conquer technical difficulties.

  • Consultation & Mentorship

    BitMart Labs provides customized guidance and advice for projects in the incubation stage. Our experienced investors, technical experts, and executive leaders can help start-up projects solve any problems regarding entrepreneurship, white papers, road shows, venture capital and other aspects.

  • Marketing & PR

    BiMart Labs provides a wide array of marketing resources and customized branding solutions for different projects based on their special needs. In addition, BitMart Labs has established media relations with leading publisher websites across different countries within the industry.

  • Legal & Compliance

    BitMart Labs believe the compliance with applicable laws and regulations ensures project sustainability. With partnerships with multiple prestigious law firms in different jurisdictions, BitMart Labs assist the selected projects in legal structuring, security token offering, and compliance policy design and implementation, among others.

  • Talent Recruiting

    BitMart Labs can assist in interview process, utilizing our expertise to help projects recruit top talents and experts in the needed fields.